Casa Rocamora | Foundation
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The Rocamora Foundation

The foundation is a non-profit entity, created in 1976 by Mr Antonio Rocamora Pellicer, Marquis of Villamizar, based on the art collection inherited his great-uncle Manuel Rocamora Vidal. It is located in the Casa Rocamora, Manuel Rocamora’s regular residence starting from 1935, an Isabelline mansion on Carrer Ballester, in Barcelona’s Putxet neighbourhood.


The foundation houses a diverse artistic legacy, formed by more than twenty collections, with highlights including Alcora ceramics, drawings, paintings, sculptures and furniture, mostly from the 18th to 20th centuries. One particular highlight is a room which has a permanent exhibit dedicated to the works by the painter Ramón Casas. The collections also include unique pieces such as the original bronze model of the Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona, and the Els Quatre Gats mobile made by Picasso for the modernist tavern par excellence which bears the same name. The library contains five thousand volumes covering subjects such as literature, art, music and history. We can discover curious collections of advertising fliers, figureheads, cards, and automata distributed among the different rooms.


Casa Rocamora has undergone a major renovation, thanks to which it has recovered its original splendour. Right in the middle of the city of Barcelona, the foundation has 600 m² of exhibition space. The house’s garden is a pleasant romantic corner with tall palm trees and a central pond, an oasis of peace right next to the Ronda General Mitre.

Board of Directors

Eduardo Rocamora Trías


Antonio Rocamora Trías

Board Members
Andrés Blay Blanc
Tatiana Rocamora Trías
María del Carmen Trías Blay


The mission of the Rocamora Foundation is to conserve and raise awareness of its cultural heritage. The foundation aims to forge different bonds and encourage society’s ability to approach art from various manners, promoting cultural, artistic and social programmes through collaborations with other entities.


The foundation’s rich heritage hosts widely diverse collections which allow visitors to learn about Catalan art from the last three centuries. In this sense, education is one of the foundation’s principal values. The pieces are constantly being researched and documented. The foundation’s knowledge is transferred to the visitors, thereby opening up a diverse range of dialogues.


The collection also brings together an expansive legacy of pieces coming from very different locations. The Rocamora Foundation focuses on creating discourses that interrelate the cultural reality of Catalan society with the world, primarily in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. At the same time, with an introspective viewpoint, the foundation allows for access to analyse the Catalan society of the period. The mission of the Rocamora Foundation is to establish new pathways to access art. The foundation also opens its doors to allow visits to its library and to organise guided visits to the collection.


By promoting cooperative agreements, the Rocamora Foundation acts as a promoter within the artistic field. By creating lines of dialogue, the foundation works together with and loans works of art to other prestigious institutions.